Touring Musicians

DEKAY --Drums, lyrics

Guinevere Q NBFD -- Bass guitar, vocals

Schubert Ola -- Keyboards, vocals

Ola was born in Moscow, Russia. She studied to be a concert pianist from a very early age. After she graduated from music school, she decided that she liked The Beatles more than Beethoven. This did not sit well with her parents. Ola studied medicine and became a doctor in the Red Army.  Years later, she joined Revolushn, her first rock band.

Dekay (aka David Kendrick) has been a professional musician all of his life. He has played drums on countless records and has been a member of many iconic bands, including Devo, Sparks, and Gleaming Spires and Empire of Fun. Dekay is the main lyric writer for Revolushn. He believes in nascent psychedelia and in going Further​

Studio Cats and musical collaborators

​Young Sun -- Guitar, vocals, Mandolin 

Guinevere Q is an activist, an award-winning composer, a published poet, and a full-time musician. Guinevere Q grew up in musical theater and has been hosting Open Mics for over a decade. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In addition to playing bass and singing in Revolushn, Guinevere Q fronts The Wyatt Act, plays bass in Doctor Striker, and performs with comedians, poets, actors, and musicians around the San Francisco Bay Area.  

​​​​NO began playing guitar at the age of 5 when he picked up his older brother’s guitar and instantly fell in love with the instrument.  His first band was at age 11. After several years of touring clubs and concert halls, he became engrossed in the recording process. NO spent several years as a session player and producer. Revolushn is his first real band effort to develop a sound and style.

Young Sun began his career as an actor in theater, commercials, and film. He studied music at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA. He has performed and recorded albums as a guitarist, mandolinist, drummer, and singer with many bands in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jimmy has played drums professionally for 20 years. He is currently splits his time between a small town in Missouri and an even smaller town in Mexico. Jimmy is also a pilot and rumor has it that he worked in the 90s delivering questionable payloads from Colombia. His current hobby is breeding miniature sharks in plastic bottles.

A-A is the most well known musician/producer in the group. He has been awarded several gold and platinum records in a career that spans two decades. Currently residing in Kansas City with his wife and children, A-A is the most stable band member.

Norita is from a very aristocratic family in Japan. She is the only band member to have an international airport named after her. Norita played with BKB in the low oughts in a very popular Kansas band.

BKB is a guitarist and the Exectuive Producer of the band. He lives in Kansas and owns Cypher Sound Studio, the bands main studio hangout. When he is not playing or otherwise helping the band he is playing the jam circuit in Kansas City.

A-Aron the Head Connor -- Production

Norita -- Keyboard, Vocals 

No--Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Jimmy Legs --Drums, Percussion, Vocals 

Bobby Killer Bee --Guitar, Vocals, Bass